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Medical/biological Study (experimental study)

Single strand DNA breaks in rat brain cells exposed to microwave radiation. med./biol.

By: Paulraj R, Behari J
Published in: Mutation Research - Fundamental and Molecular Mechanism of Mutagenesis 2006; 596 (1-2): 76 - 80 ( open external web page PubMed Entry , open external web page Journal web site )

Aim of study (according to author)
To investigate the effect of microwave exposure (2.45 and 16.5 GHz) on developing rat brain (35 days old).
Background/further details:
Six rats per exposure and sham exposure condition were used (n=24).


General category: radio frequency field, 2.45 GHz

Field characteristicsParameters
field 1: 2.45 GHz
exposure duration: continuous for 2 hr/day on 35 days
SAR: 1 W/kg
power flux density: 0.344 mW/cm²
field 2: 16.5 GHz
exposure duration: continuous for 2 hr/day on 35 days
SAR: 2.01 W/kg
power flux density: 1 mW/cm²

FIELD View further expo parameters

Exposed system:
animal (species/strain): rat/Wistar
whole body exposure

Endpoint/Measurement parameters/Methodology

investigated material: DNA/RNA (in vitro), cell lysates
investigated organ system: brain/CNS

time of investigation: after exposure

Main outcome of study (according to author)
The data showed that the chronic exposure to 2.45 and 16.5 GHz under these experimental conditions caused a statistically significant increase in DNA single-strand breaks (increase in the length of DNA migration) in brain cells of rats.

(Study character: medical/biological study, experimental study, full/main study)

Study funded by

  • Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India

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Glossary: animal, biological, brain, cells, chronic exposure, CNS, comet assay, DNA, endpoint, exposure, full/main study, genotoxicity, GHz, in vitro, lysates, microwave, migration, mutation, power flux density, radio frequency field, rat/Wistar, rats, RNA, SAR, sham exposure, significant, single-strand breaks, species, statistically, strain, whole body exposure
Exposure: radio frequency field, 2.45 GHz

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