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Epidemiological Study (preliminary study)

The Microwave Syndrome: A Preliminary Study in Spain. epidemiol.

By: Navarro EA, Segura J, Portoles M, Gomez-Perretta C
Published in: Electromagn Biol Med 2003; 22 (2-3): 161 - 169 (Journal website)

Aim of study (according to author)
A health survey was carried out in Murcia, Spain to evaluate the microwave syndrome in the vicinity of a cellular phone base station.

Endpoint/type of risk estimation

Estimate of prevalence


groups of exposure:

group 1:  average power density (distance < 150 m): 0.11 µW/cm² 
group 2:  average power density (distance > 250 m): 0.01 µW/cm² 

Study group: men and women, aged over 15 years
Group characteristics: inhabitants of La Nora
Observation period: January 2001
Study location: Spain (La Nora)
Exclusion criteria: deep psychological or neurological disease

Further parameters acquired by questionnaire (address, sex, age, symptoms of microwave syndrome)

Study size i  
number total 1,900
number participating 101

Statistical analysis using regression method

Results/conclusion (according to author)
The results showed significant correlation between reported severity of the symptoms and the measured power density.

(Study character: epidemiological study, preliminary study)

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Glossary: auditory, base station, cardiovascular, cell phone, correlation, depression, discomfort, disease, dizziness, electric field, epidemiological, exposure, fatigue, GSM, headache, health, memory, microwave, mobile communication, nausea, neurological, personal computer, power density, power lines, preliminary study, prevalence, psychological, questionnaire, significant, skin, statistical, survey, symptoms, visual
Exposure: mobile communication system, cell phone base station, GSM, residential exposure

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