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* Anthropogenic electromagnetic noise disrupts magnetic compass orientation in a migratory bird. med./biol.
Engels S, Schneider NL, Lefeldt N, Hein CM, Zapka M, Michalik A, Elbers D, Kittel A, Hore PJ, Mouritsen H (2014), Nature 509 (7500): 353 - 356
Exposure: 2 kHz - 9 MHz, electric field, magnetic field, static magnetic field, geomagnetic field, low frequency field, intermediate frequency, DC, shielding/field deprivation

* An electromagnetic field disrupts negative geotaxis in Drosophila via a CRY-dependent pathway. med./biol.
Fedele G, Green EW, Rosato E, Kyriacou CP (2014), Nat Commun 5: 4391
Exposure: static magnetic field

* The geomagnetic environment in which sea turtle eggs incubate affects subsequent magnetic navigation behaviour of hatchlings. med./biol.
Fuxjager MJ, Davidoff KR, Mangiamele LA, Lohmann KJ (2014), Proc Biol Sci 281 (1791): 20141218-1 - 20141218-8
Exposure: static magnetic field, geomagnetic field

* Impact of a High Magnetic Field on the Orientation of Gravitactic Unicellular Organisms-A Critical Consideration about the Application of Magnetic Fields to Mimic Functional Weightlessness. med./biol.
Hemmersbach R, Simon A, Wasser K, Hauslage J, Christianen PC, Albers PW, Lebert M, Richter P, Alt W, Anken R (2014), Astrobiology 14 (3): 205 - 215
Exposure: static magnetic field

* Rearing in a distorted magnetic field disrupts the 'map sense' of juvenile steelhead trout. med./biol.
Putman NF, Meinke AM, Noakes DL (2014), Biol Lett 10 (6): 20140169
Exposure: geomagnetic field

* A strong magnetic pulse affects the precision of departure direction of naturally migrating adult but not juvenile birds. med./biol.
Holland RA, Helm B (2013), J R Soc Interface 10 (81): 20121047
Exposure: magnetic field, signals/pulses

* Human PNS and SAR study in the frequency range from 24 to 162 kHz. med./biol.
Schmale I, Gleich B, Schmidt J, Rahmer J, Bontus C, Eckhart R, David B, Heinrich M, Mende O, Woywode O, Jokram J, Borgert J (2013), "IEEE International Workshop on Magnetic Particle Imaging (IWMPI), 2013." (IEEE); IEEE, 2013; ISBN: 978-1-4673-5520-9
Exposure: magnetic field, intermediate frequency

* Avian magnetic compass can be tuned to anomalously low magnetic intensities. med./biol.
Winklhofer M, Dylda E, Thalau P, Wiltschko W, Wiltschko R (2013), Proc Biol Sci 280 (1763): 20130853
Exposure: 1.315 MHz, magnetic field, static magnetic field, geomagnetic field, intermediate frequency, shielding/field deprivation

* Night-migratory songbirds possess a magnetic compass in both eyes. med./biol.
Engels S, Hein CM, Lefeldt N, Prior H, Mouritsen H (2012), PLoS One 7 (9): e43271
Exposure: static magnetic field, geomagnetic field

* Magnetic alignment in carps: evidence from the czech christmas fish market. med./biol.
Hart V, Kusta T, Nemec P, Blahova V, Jezek M, Novakova P, Begall S, Cerveny J, Hanzal V, Malkemper EP, Stipek K, Vole C, Burda H (2012), PLoS One 7 (12): e51100
Exposure: geomagnetic field

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