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* C. elegans demonstrates distinct behaviors within a fixed and uniform electric field. med./biol.
Chrisman SD, Waite CB, Scoville AG, Carnell L (2016), PLoS One 11 (3): e0151320

* Effect of magnetic pulses on Caribbean spiny lobsters: implications for magnetoreception. med./biol.
Ernst DA, Lohmann KJ (2016), J Exp Biol: in Press
Exposure: magnetic field, geomagnetic field, signals/pulses

* Weak broadband electromagnetic fields are more disruptive to magnetic compass orientation in a night-migratory songbird (Erithacus rubecula) than strong narrow-band fields. med./biol.
Schwarze S, Schneider NL, Reichl T, Dreyer D, Lefeldt N, Engels S, Baker N, Hore PJ, Mouritsen H (2016), Front Behav Neurosci 10: 55
Exposure: 50 Hz - 9 MHz, magnetic field, static magnetic field, intermediate frequency, 50/60 Hz

* A New View on an Old Debate: Type of Cue-Conflict Manipulation and Availability of Stars Can Explain the Discrepancies between Cue-Calibration Experiments with Migratory Songbirds. med./biol.
Sjoberg S, Muheim R (2016), Front Behav Neurosci 10: 29
Exposure: geomagnetic field

* The magnetic orientation of the Antarctic amphipod Gondogeneia antarctica is cancelled by very weak radiofrequency fields. med./biol.
Tomanova K, Vacha M (2016), J Exp Biol: in press
Exposure: 1 MHz, magnetic field, static magnetic field, geomagnetic field, intermediate frequency

* Re-calibration of the magnetic compass in hand-raised European robins (Erithacus rubecula). med./biol.
Alert B, Michalik A, Thiele N, Bottesch M, Mouritsen H (2015), Sci Rep 5: 14323-1 - 14323-9
Exposure: static magnetic field, geomagnetic field, co-exposure

* Sensory and motor thresholds of transcutaneous electrical stimulation are influenced by gender and age. med./biol.
de Jesus Guirro RR, de Oliveira Guirro EC, de Sousa NT (2015), PM&R 7 (1): 42 - 47
Exposure: 5 Hz - 50 Hz

* Spontaneous Magnetic Alignment by Yearling Snapping Turtles: Rapid Association of Radio Frequency Dependent Pattern of Magnetic Input with Novel Surroundings. med./biol.
Landler L, Painter MS, Youmans PW, Hopkins WA, Phillips JB (2015), PLoS One 10 (5): e0124728-1 - e0124728-13
Exposure: magnetic field, static magnetic field, DC

* Magnetoreception in the wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus): influence of weak frequency-modulated radio frequency fields. med./biol.
Malkemper EP, Eder SH, Begall S, Phillips JB, Winklhofer M, Hart V, Burda H (2015), Sci Rep 4: 9917
Exposure: 900 kHz - 5 MHz, static magnetic field, geomagnetic field, intermediate frequency, DC

* Magnetosensitive neurons mediate geomagnetic orientation in Caenorhabditis elegans.. med./biol.
Vidal-Gadea A, Ward K, Beron C, Ghorashian N, Gokce S, Russell J, Truong N, Parikh A, Gadea O, Ben-Yakar A, Pierce-Shimomura J (2015), Elife 4: e07493
Exposure: static magnetic field, geomagnetic field

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