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* Does pulsed magnetic field therapy influence nerve regeneration in the median nerve model of the rat? med./biol.
Beck-Broichsitter BE, Lamia A, Geuna S, Fregnan F, Smeets R, Becker ST, Sinis N (2014), Biomed Res Int 2014: 401760
Exposure: magnetic field, signals/pulses

* Effects of millimeter wave irradiation and equivalent thermal heating on the activity of individual neurons in the leech ganglion. med./biol.
Romanenko S, Siegel PH, Wagenaar DA, Pikov V (2014), J Neurophysiol: in press
Exposure: millimeter waves

* Induced current pharmacological split stimulation system for neuronal networks. med./biol.
Saito A, Takayama Y, Moriguchi H, Kotani K, Jimbo Y (2014), IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 61 (2): 463 - 472

DETAILS * Synchronization dynamics induced on pairs of neurons under applied weak alternating magnetic fields. med./biol.
Azanza MJ, del Moral A, Calvo AC, Perez-Bruzon RN, Junquera C (2013), Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol 166 (4): 603 - 618
Aim: To examine the effect of weak alternating magnetic fields on the synchronization dynamics of pairs of snail neurons.
Endpoints: effects on the neurological system (neuronal activity, synchronization activity)
System: isolated organ (in vitro): snail neurons (Helix aspersa)
Exposure: 50 Hz, magnetic field, 50/60 Hz (AC)

* Effect of Electrical Field Stimulation on Dorsal Root Ganglion Neuronal Function. med./biol.
Koopmeiners AS, Mueller S, Kramer J, Hogan QH (2013), Neuromodulation 16 (4): 304 - 311

* Magnetic stimulation modulates structural synaptic plasticity and regulates BDNF-TrkB signal pathway in cultured hippocampal neurons. med./biol.
Ma J, Zhang Z, Su Y, Kang L, Geng D, Wang Y, Luan F, Wang M, Cui H (2013), Neurochem Int 62 (1): 84 - 91
Exposure: TMS (transcranial stimulation)

DETAILS * In-vitro exposure of neuronal networks to the GSM-1800 signal. med./biol.
Moretti D, Garenne A, Haro E, Poulletier de Gannes F, Lagroye I, Leveque P, Veyret B, Lewis N (2013), Bioelectromagnetics 34 (8): 571 - 578
Aim: To test the feasibility of studying the electrical activity of neuronal networks under radio frequency-exposure at 1800 MHz in vitro.
Endpoints: effects on the neurological system (electrical activity of neurons)
System: intact cell/cell culture (in vitro): primary cortical neurons (of rat embryos)
Exposure: 1.8 GHz, mobile communication system, mobile phone, GSM

* Changes in the expression and current of the Na+/K+ pump in the snail nervous system after exposure to static magnetic field. med./biol.
Nikolic LM, Bataveljic D, Andjus PR, Nedeljkovic M, Todorovic D, Janac B (2013), J Exp Biol 216 (Pt 18): 3531 - 3541
Exposure: static magnetic field

* Effect of high SARs produced by cell phone like radiofrequency fields on mollusk single neuron. med./biol.
Partsvania B, Sulaberidze T, Shoshiashvili L (2013), Electromagn Biol Med 32 (1): 48 - 58
Exposure: 1.8 GHz, mobile phone, PW (pulsed wave)

DETAILS * Influence of 50 Hz-1 mT magnetic field on human median nerve. med./biol.
Comlekci S, Coskun O (2012), Electromagn Biol Med 31 (4): 285 - 292
Aim: To examine whether exposure of humans to 50 Hz-magnetic fields influences the nerve conduction mechanism in the arm.
Endpoints: effects on the neurological system (stimulus conduction in nerve)
System: human
Exposure: 50 Hz, magnetic field, low frequency field, 50/60 Hz (AC)

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