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DETAILS * Influence of magnetic fields on the hydration process of amino acids: Vibrational spectroscopy study of L-phenylalanine and L-glutamine. med./biol.
De Ninno A, Castellano AC (2014), Bioelectromagnetics 35 (2): 129 - 135
Aim: To study the effect of weak magnetic fields on the structure of the amino acids L-glutamine and L-phenylalanine in aqueous solution.
Endpoints: structure of L-glutamine and L-phenylalanine; acid-base equilibrium
System: isolated bio./chem. substance (in vitro): L-phenylalanine and L-glutamine aqueous solution
Exposure: 50 Hz, magnetic field, static magnetic field, 50/60 Hz (AC), DC

* Influence of microwave on water surface tension. med./biol.
Parmar H, Asada M, Kanazawa Y, Asakuma Y, Phan CM, Pareek V, Evans GM (2014), Langmuir: in press
Exposure: microwaves

* Microwave-specific acceleration of a Friedel-Crafts reaction: evidence for selective heating in homogeneous solution. med./biol.
Rosana MR, Hunt J, Ferrari A, Southworth TA, Tao Y, Stiegman AE, Dudley GB (2014), J Org Chem: in press
Exposure: microwaves

* Diverse biological effects of electromagnetic-treated water. med./biol.
Yamabhai M, Chumseng S, Yoohat K, Srila W (2014), Homeopathy 103 (3): 186 - 192
Exposure: microwaves, 2.45 GHz, low frequency field

* Confirmation of hydroxyl radicals (.OH) generated in the presence of TiO2 supported on AC under microwave irradiation. med./biol.
Zhang Z, Yu F, Huang L, Jiatieli J, Li Y, Song L, Yu N, Dionysiou DD (2014), J Hazard Mater 278: 152 - 157
Exposure: microwaves, 2.45 GHz, co-exposure

* Evaluation of the effects of weak and moderate static magnetic fields on the characteristics of human low density lipoprotein in vitro. med./biol.
Abdi S, Dorranian D, Razavi AE, Naderi GA, Boshtam M, Ghorannevis M (2013), Bioelectromagnetics 34 (5): 397 - 404
Exposure: static magnetic field

* Electric field induced changes in protein conformation. med./biol.
Bekard I, Dunstan DE (2013), Soft Matter 10 (3): 431 - 437
Exposure: electric field, low frequency field, intermediate frequency

* The influence of millimeter waves on the physical properties of large and giant unilamellar vesicles. med./biol.
Cosentino K, Beneduci A, Ramundo-Orlando A, Chidichimo G (2013), J Biol Phys 39 (3): 395 - 410
Exposure: millimeter waves

* Determining the effects of microwave heating on the ordered structures of rice starch by NMR. med./biol.
Fan D, Ma W, Wang L, Huang J, Zhang F, Zhao J, Zhang H, Chen W (2013), Carbohydr Polym 92 (2): 1395 - 1401
Exposure: microwaves, 2.45 GHz

* Effect of high exogenous electric pulses on protein conformation: myoglobin as a case study. med./biol.
Marracino P, Apollonio F, Liberti M, D'Inzeo G, Amadei A (2013), J Phys Chem B 117 (8): 2273 - 2279
Exposure: electric field, static electric field, signals/pulses, theoretical study

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