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* Sensory and motor thresholds of transcutaneous electrical stimulation are influenced by gender and age. med./biol.
de Jesus Guirro RR, de Oliveira Guirro EC, de Sousa NT (2015), PM&R 7 (1): 42 - 47
Exposure: 5 Hz - 50 Hz

* Aggregated data from two double-blind base station provocation studies comparing individuals with idiopathic environmental intolerance with attribution to electromagnetic fields and controls. med./biol.
Eltiti S, Wallace D, Russo R, Fox E (2015), Bioelectromagnetics 36 (2): 96 - 107
Exposure: mobile communication system, cell phone base station, GSM, UMTS, TETRA/TETRAPOL

* Sensory perceptions of individuals exposed to the static field of a 7T MRI: A controlled blinded study. med./biol.
Friebe B, Wollrab A, Thormann M, Fischbach K, Ricke J, Grueschow M, Kropf S, Fischbach F, Speck O (2015), J Magn Reson Imaging 41 (6): 1675 - 1681
Exposure: static magnetic field, MRI

* Effect of short-term mobile phone base station exposure on cognitive performance, body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure of Malaysians. med./biol.
Malek F, Rani KA, Rahim HA, Omar MH (2015), Sci Rep 5: 13206-1 - 13206-5
Exposure: mobile communication system, cell phone base station, GSM, UMTS

* Attribution-Based Nocebo Effects. Perceived Effects of a Placebo Pill and a Sham Magnetic Field on Cognitive Performance and Somatic Symptoms. med./biol.
Szemerszky R, Domotor Z, Berkes T, Koteles F (2015), Int J Behav Med: in press
Exposure: magnetic field, non-EMF exposure

DETAILS * Is there a connection between electrosensitivity and electrosensibility? A replication study. med./biol.
Szemerszky R, Gubanyi M, Arvai D, Domotor Z, Koteles F (2015), Int J Behav Med: 755 - 763
Aim: A previous study by the authors (Koteles et al. 2013) was replicated and the results should be confirmed. The ability of electrosensitive probands to sense exposure to a 50 Hz magnetic field should be investigated.
Endpoints: hypersensitivity/subjective complaints (sensing of the magnetic field)
System: human
Exposure: 50 Hz, magnetic field, 50/60 Hz

* Effects of short-term radiation emitted by WCDMA mobile phones on teenagers and adults. med./biol.
Choi SB, Kwon MK, Chung JW, Park JS, Chung K, Kim DW (2014), BMC Public Health 14: 438
Exposure: 1.95 GHz, mobile phone, W-CDMA, personal exposure

* Kausaler, juristisch anerkannter Nachweis des Schädigungspotenzials technischer hochfrequenter Felder - eine Patientenkasuistik. med./biol.
Eger H (2014), Umwelt - Medizin - Gesellschaft 27 (3): 176 - 181

* Odor and noise intolerance in persons with self-reported electromagnetic hypersensitivity. med./biol.
Nordin S, Neely G, Olsson D, Sandstrom M (2014), Int J Environ Res Public Health 11 (9): 8794 - 8805
Exposure: EMF in general, non-EMF exposure

* Evaluation of sensitivity, motor and pain thresholds across the menstrual cycle through medium-frequency transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. med./biol.
Barbosa Mde B, Guirro EC, Nunes FR (2013), Clinics (Sao Paulo) 68 (7): 901 - 908
Exposure: co-exposure

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