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DETAILS * Experimental investigation of possible warmth perception from a head exposure system for human provocation studies with TETRA handset-like signals. med./biol.
Dorn H, Schmid G, Eggert T, Sauter C, Bolz T, Danker-Hopfe H (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press
Aim: It should be investigated if probands of a blind study could distinguish an exposure to a 385 MHz-TETRA-field from sham exposure by warmth perception and thus compromise the blinding.
Endpoints: thermoregulation (warmth perception, skin temperature)
System: human
Exposure: 385 Hz, mobile communication system, TETRA/TETRAPOL, PW (pulsed wave)

* Effect of magnetic resonance imaging on core body temperature in anaesthetised children. med./biol.
Lo C, Ormond G, McDougall R, Sheppard S, Davidson A (2014), Anaesth Intensive Care 42 (3): 333 - 339
Exposure: MRI

* Prolongation of Life During High-Intensity Microwave Exposures. med./biol.
Samaras GM, Muroff LR, Anderson GE (2013), IEEE Trans Microwave Theory Tech 61 (5): 245 - 247
Exposure: microwaves, 2.45 GHz

* Thermal mechanisms of millimeter wave stimulation of excitable cells. med./biol.
Shapiro MG, Priest MF, Siegel PH, Bezanilla F (2013), Biophys J 104 (12): 2622 - 2628
Exposure: millimeter waves

* Contribution of a 300 kHz alternating magnetic field on magnetic hyperthermia treatment of HepG2 cells. med./biol.
Wang X, Chen Y, Huang C, Wang X, Zhao L, Zhang X, Tang J (2013), Bioelectromagnetics 34 (2): 95 - 103
Exposure: intermediate frequency

DETAILS * Changes in tympanic temperature during the exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phone. med./biol.
Bortkiewicz A, Gadzicka E, Szymczak W, Zmyslony M (2012), Int J Occup Med Environ Health 25 (2): 145 - 150
Aim: To study if exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones influenced the tympanic temperature.
Endpoints: thermoregulation (tympanic temperature)
System: human
Exposure: 900 MHz, mobile phone

DETAILS * Thermal effects of mobile phone RF fields on children: A provocation study. med./biol.
Lindholm H, Alanko T, Rintamäki H, Kännälä S, Toivonen T, Sistonen H, Tiikkaja M, Halonen J, Mäkinen T, Hietanen M (2011), Prog Biophys Mol Biol 107 (3): 399 - 403
Aim: To examine thermal and local blood flow responses in the head of pre-adolescent during exposure to a GSM mobile phone.
Endpoints: thermoregulation (head temperature)
System: human
Exposure: 902.4 MHz, mobile communication system, digital mobile phone, GSM

* Deep regional hyperthermia for the whole thoracic region using 8 MHz radiofrequency-capacitive heating device: Relationship between the RF-output power and the intra-oesophageal temperature and predictive factors for a good heating in 59 patients. med./biol.
Ohguri T, Yahara K, Moon SD, Yamaguchi S, Imada H, Terashima H, Korogi Y (2011), Int J Hyperthermia 27 (1): 20 - 26
Exposure: RF therapeutical/medical device, microwave oven/heating device, intermediate frequency

* Feasibility study of high-temperature thermoseed inductive hyperthermia in melanoma treatment. med./biol.
Xia QS, Liu X, Xu B, Zhao TD, Li HY, Chen ZH, Xiang Q, Geng CY, Pan L, Hu RL, Qi YJ, Sun GF, Tang JT (2011), Oncol Rep 25 (4): 953 - 962
Exposure: RF therapeutical/medical device

DETAILS * Acute dosimetry and estimation of threshold-inducing behavioral signs of thermal stress in rabbits at 2.45-GHz microwave exposure. med./biol.
Hirata A, Kojima M, Kawai H, Yamashiro Y, Watanabe S, Sasaki H, Fujiwara O (2010), IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 57 (5): 1234 - 1242
Aim: To clarify the relationship between whole body average specific absorption rate (SAR) and the rectal temperature elevation in rabbits and to estimate the threshold for inducing a behavioral sign due to microwave provoked thermal stress.The main aim of the study also was to conduct acute dosimetry for high thermal loads due to microwave energy (the experimental conditions were determined with a computational code for electromagnetic-thermal dosimetry via a numeric rabbit phantom).
Endpoints: thermoregulation (thermal stress )
System: animal (species/strain): rabbit
Exposure: 2.45 GHz, microwaves, 2.45 GHz

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