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* Impact of head morphology on local brain specific absorption rate from exposure to mobile phone radiation. techn./dosim.
Adibzadeh F, Bakker JF, Paulides MM, Verhaart RF, van Rhoon GC (2015), Bioelectromagnetics 36 (1): 66 - 76
Exposure: mobile phone

* Association of acute adverse effects with high local SAR induced in the brain from prolonged RF head and neck hyperthermia. techn./dosim.
Adibzadeh F, Verhaart RF, Verduijn GM, Fortunati V, Rijnen Z, Franckena M, van Rhoon GC, Paulides MM (2015), Phys Med Biol 60 (3): 995 - 1006
Exposure: RF therapeutical/medical device, microwave oven/heating device

* Impact of a Small Cell on the RF-EMF Exposure in a Train. techn./dosim.
Aerts S, Plets D, Thielens A, Martens L, Joseph W (2015), Int J Environ Res Public Health 12 (3): 2639 - 2652
Exposure: mobile communication system, mobile phone, cell phone base station, GSM, UMTS

* Analysis of estimation of electromagnetic dosimetric values from non-ionizing radiofrequency fields in conventional road vehicle environments. techn./dosim.
Aguirre E, Iturri PL, Azpilicueta L, de Miguel-Bilbao S, Ramos V, Garate U, Falcone F (2015), Electromagn Biol Med 34 (1): 19 - 28
Exposure: mobile communication system, GSM, UMTS, radio frequency field

* A large-scale magnetic shield with 106 damping at mHz frequencies. (not peer reviewed) techn./dosim.
Altarev I, Bales M, Fierlinger K, Fierlinger P, Kuchler F, Marino MG, Niessen B, Petzoldt G, Singh JT, Stoepler R, Stuiber S, Sturm M, Taubenheim B, Beck DH, Chupp T, Lins T, Schläpfer U, Schnabel A, Voigt J (2015), Physics.ins-det: 1501.07861
Exposure: magnetic field, shielding/field deprivation

* Assessing Whole-Body Absorption Cross Section For Diffuse Exposure From Reverberation Chamber Measurements. techn./dosim.
Bamba A, Gaillot DP, Tanghe E, Vermeeren G, Joseph W, Lienard M, Martens L (2015), IEEE Trans Electromagn Compat 57 (1): 27 - 34
Exposure: radio frequency field

* What input data are needed to accurately model electromagnetic fields from mobile phone base stations? techn./dosim.
Beekhuizen J, Kromhout H, Burgi A, Huss A, Vermeulen R (2015), J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 25 (1): 53 - 57
Exposure: mobile communication system, cell phone base station, GSM, UMTS

* Measurement of the weighted peak level for occupational exposure to gradient magnetic fields for 1.5 and 3 Tesla MRI body scanners. techn./dosim.
Bonutti F, Tecchio M, Maieron M, Trevisan D, Negro C, Calligaris F (2015), Radiat Prot Dosimetry: in press
Exposure: magnetic field, MRI, occupational exposure

* Thermal Analysis of Human Tissues Exposed to Focused Beam THz Radiations. techn./dosim.
Bottauscio O, Chiampi M, Zilberti L (2015), IEEE Trans Magn 51 (3): 7400504-1 - 7400504-4
Exposure: terahertz fields

* Outdoor characterization of radio frequency electromagnetic fields in a Spanish birth cohort. techn./dosim.
Calvente I, Fernandez MF, Perez-Lobato R, Davila-Arias C, Ocon O, Ramos R, Rios-Arrabal S, Villalba-Moreno J, Olea N, Nunez MI (2015), Environ Res 138: 136 - 143
Exposure: mobile communication system, mobile phone, cell phone base station, GSM, UMTS, radio frequency field, DECT, TV broadcast (VHF/UHF), FM broadcast, AM radio transmitters, electric field, magnetic field, intermediate frequency, residential exposure

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