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* The effect of elapsed time on cardiac troponin-T (cTnT) degradation and its dependency on the cause of death. med. appl.
Kumar S, Ali W, Bhattacharya S, Verma AK (2016), J Forensic Leg Med 40: 16 - 21
Exposure: non-EMF exposure, electric injuries/electrocution

* US and CT of the liver after electric shock. med. appl.
Sofic A, Beslic N, Efendic A, Carovac A, Sabanovic J, Jahic E, Bukvic M, Krakonja F, Kupusovic J (2016), Case Rep Radiol 2016: 9846357
Exposure: electric injuries/electrocution

* The effect of elapsed time on cardiac troponin-T (cTnT) degradation and its relation to postmortem interval in cases of electrocution. med. appl.
Kumar S, Ali W, Bhattacharya S, Singh US, Kumar A, Verma AK (2015), J Forensic Leg Med 34: 45 - 49
Exposure: electric injuries/electrocution

* Lesions along the upper motor neuronal pathway with locked-in features after lightning strike and cardiac arrest: a case-review analysis. med. appl.
Abdulla S, Conrad A, Schwemm KP, Stienstra MP, Gorsselink EL, Dengler R, Abdulla W (2014), Brain Inj 28 (3): 298 - 303
Exposure: lightning

* Ultrasound Imaging for the Upper Limb Nerves in CRPS: A Patient With Electrical Injury. med. appl.
Kara M, Yalcin S, Malas FU, Tiftik T, Ozcakar L (2014), Pain Physician 17 (4): E556 - E557
Exposure: electric injuries/electrocution

* Characteristics of electrically injured skin from human hand tissue samples using Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy. med. appl.
Li SY, Zou DH, Luo YW, Sun QR, Deng KF, Chen YJ, Huang P (2014), Sci Justice 54 (1): 98 - 104
Exposure: electric injuries/electrocution

* Imaging of epilepsy following electrical injury. med. appl.
Neugroschl C, Berrada S, Elosegi JA, Winant C (2013), JBR-BTR 96 (2): 81 - 83
Exposure: occupational exposure, electric injuries/electrocution

* Analysis of high-voltage electrical spinal cord injury using diffusion tensor imaging. med. appl.
Ohn SH, Kim DY, Shin JC, Kim SM, Yoo WK, Lee SK, Park CH, Jung KI, Jang KU, Seo CH, Koh SH, Jung B (2013), J Neurol 260 (11): 2876 - 2883
Exposure: electric injuries/electrocution

* Findings for Current Marks: Histopathological Examination and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy of Three Cases. med. appl.
Tanaka N, Kinoshita H, Jamal M, Kumihashi M, Tsutsui K, Ameno K (2013), Leg Med (Tokyo) 15 (5): 283 - 287
Exposure: occupational exposure, personal exposure, electric injuries/electrocution

* Diagnosis of Long-Term Sequelae after Low-Voltage Electrical Injury. med. appl.
Fish JS, Theman K, Gomez M (2012), J Burn Care Res 33 (2): 199 - 205
Exposure: electric injuries/electrocution

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