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* Microwave imaging for neoadjuvant chemotherapy monitoring: initial clinical experience. med. appl.
Meaney PM, Kaufman PA, Muffly LS, Click M, Poplack SP, Wells WA, Schwartz GN, di Florio-Alexander RM, Tosteson TD, Li Z, Geimer SD, Fanning MW, Zhou T, Epstein NR, Paulsen KD (2013), Breast Cancer Res 15 (2): R35-1 - R35-16
Exposure: microwaves, RF therapeutical/medical device

* Cancer physics: diagnostics based on damped cellular elastoelectrical vibrations in microtubules. med. appl.
Pokorny J, Vedruccio C, Cifra M, Kucera O (2011), Eur Biophys J 40 (6): 747 - 759
Exposure: LF therapeutical/medical device

* Terahertz imaging applied to cancer diagnosis. med. appl.
Brun MA, Formanek F, Yasuda A, Sekine M, Ando N, Eishii Y (2010), Phys Med Biol 55 (16): 4615 - 4623
Exposure: terahertz fields

* In-vivo measurements of the dielectric properties of breast carcinoma xenografted on nude mice. med. appl.
Cho J, Yoon J, Cho S, Kwon K, Lim S, Kim D, Lee ES, Kim CH, Choi JW, Cheon C, Kwon Y (2006), Int J Cancer 119 (3): 593 - 598
Exposure: microwaves, RF therapeutical/medical device

* Non-invasive detection of prostate cancer by electromagnetic interaction. med. appl.
Bellorofonte C, Vedruccio C, Tombolini P, Ruoppolo M, Tubaro A (2005), Eur Urol 47 (1): 29 - 37
Exposure: 465 MHz - 1.395 GHz

* Variation in the Cervical Range of Motion Over Time Measured by the "Flock of Birds" Electromagnetic Tracking System. med. appl.
Bergman GJ, Knoester B, Assink N, Dijkstra PU, Winters JC (2005), Spine 30 (6): 650 - 654
Exposure: magnetic field, detailled exposure not extractable (no details given in article)

* Biomagnetic detection of injury currents in rabbit ischemic intestine. med. appl.
Bradshaw LA, Roy OP, O'Mahony GP, Myers AG, McDowell JG, Wikswo JP, Richards WO (2005), Dig Dis Sci 50 (9): 1561 - 1568

* Evidence of Biochemical and Biomagnetic Interactions in Alzheimer's Disease: An MEG and MR Spectroscopy Study. med. appl.
Maestu F, Garcia-Segura J, Ortiz T, Montoya J, Fernandez A, Gil-Gregorio P, Campo P, Fernandez S, Viano J, Portera A (2005), Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord 20 (2-3): 145 - 152
Exposure: magnetic field, detailled exposure not extractable (no details given in article)

* Efficient electromagnetic source imaging with adaptive standardized LORETA/FOCUSS. med. appl.
Schimpf PH, Liu H, Ramon C, Haueisen J (2005), IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 52 (5): 901 - 908

* Terahertz pulsed imaging of basal cell carcinoma ex vivo and in vivo. med. appl.
Wallace VP, Fitzgerald AJ, Shankar S, Flanagan N, Pye R, Cluff J, Arnone DD (2004), Br J Dermatol 151 (2): 424 - 432

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