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The EMF-Portal is a web-based information platform regarding the effects of electromagnetic fields on humans and on interaction with biological systems or body aids. It is provided for scientists, politicians, lawyers, physicians and interested citizens who want to be able make their own informed decisions.


Not only since today's mobile radio networks have become highly visible in the form of the omnipresent cellular phones and base stations, concern has risen among fellow citizens about potential health-related effects due to low- and radiofrequency Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF).

Electrical fields, magnetic fields, low frequency, radiofrequency, SAR or field exposure ... What's behind these technical terms? Widespread and popular in the public debate, but not necessarily understood by everyone ... The EMF-Portal explains medical and technical terminology, provides comprehensible summaries of complex matters and assists you in closing your knowledge gaps.

Scientific Publications

The term scientific publication as understood in the context of the EMF-Portal refers to technical literature on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields. The authors must be scientists themselves (biologists, physicists, engineers, epidemiologists, physicians) and they must have published their work in a scientific periodical with a publisher/editor and a board of peer reviewers.

A distinct indicator for the scientific character of a published study is, for example, the reproducibility of the reported results on the grounds of a detailed description of the exposed material and the applied methodology.

Editorial principles

The intention of the EMF-Portal is to collect scientific information regarding the effects of electromagnetic fields, to represent it in an adequate and understandable form and to make that knowledge available to all interested parties. The EMF portal does not take sides "in favor of" or "against" electromagnetic fields.
It is neither our intention to prevent or reduce the application of electromagnetic fields nor to promote their commercial use. The EMF portal wants to contribute to a well-informed, reasonable and responsible forming of an opinion for all interested parties. The EMF portal is maintained by an independent staff of editors (see imprint). Only the project leaders are solely responsible for the selection and presentation of all contents for which only scientific publications can be considered (see definition above).


The EMF-Portal is an ongoing project of the femu working group of the Institute and Out-patient Clinic of Occupational Medicine, University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen University.

Apart from the means provided by RWTH Aachen the project has been supported and sponsored by different cooperation partners since the year 1998. Without their support it would not have been possible to develop, maintain or advance the EMF-Portal.

We especially want to thank the following institutions: