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 Information on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields 

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29.09.14: Changes in gene and protein expression in magnetic field-treated human glioma cells.
Savage Jr RE, Kanitz MH, Lotz WG, Conover D, Hennessey EM, Hanneman WH, Witzmann FA (2005), Toxicol Mech Methods 15 (2): 115 - 120

29.09.14: The effects of extremly low frequency magnetic field and mangan to the oral tissues.
Kaya S, Celik MS, Akdag MZ, Adiguzel O, Yavuz I, Tumen EC, Ulku SZ, Ganidagli Ayaz S, Ketani A, Akpolat V, Akkus Z (2008), Biotechnol. & Biotechnol. Eq 22 (3): 869 - 873

26.09.14: The Influence of 50 Hz Magnetic Field on Liver Function.
Ibrahim M, El-Ashry M, Ali E (2008), Romanian J Biophys 18 (2): 113 - 122

25.09.14: MF magnitude does not affect body condition, pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants in Eurasian kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) nestlings.
Costantini D, Casagrande S, Dell'Omo G (2007), Environ Res 104 (3): 361 - 366

24.09.14: Increased apoptosis and DNA double-strand breaks in the embryonic mouse brain in response to very low-dose X-rays but not 50 Hz magnetic fields.
Saha S, Woodbine L, Haines J, Coster M, Ricket N, Barazzuol L, Ainsbury E, Sienkiewicz Z, Jeggo P (2014), J R Soc Interface 11 (100): in press

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01.10.14: Current densities and total contact currents associated with 400 kV power line tasks.
Korpinen L, Kuisti H, Elovaara J (2013), Bioelectromagnetics 34 (8): 641 - 644

01.10.14: Dosimetric study of fetal exposure to uniform magnetic fields at 50 Hz.
Liorni I, Parazzini M, Fiocchi S, Douglas M, Capstick M, Gosselin MC, Kuster N, Ravazzani P (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press

01.10.14: Effect of weak static magnetic fields on the development of cultured skeletal muscle cells.
Surma SV, Belostotskaya GB, Shchegolev BF, Stefanov VE (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press

30.09.14: Analysis of the influence of handset phone position on RF exposure of brain tissue.
Ghanmi A, Varsier N, Hadjem A, Conil E, Picon O, Wiart J (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press

30.09.14: Mobile telephone use effects on perception of verticality.
Bamiou DE, Ceranic B, Vickers D, Zamyslowska-Szmytke E, Cox R, Chadwick P, Luxon LM (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press

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