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 Information on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields 

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29.07.14: Autism-relevant social abnormalities in mice exposed perinatally to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields.
Alsaeed I, Al-Somali F, Sakhnini L, Aljarallah OS, Hamdan RM, Bubishate SA, Sarfaraz ZK, Kamal A (2014), Int J Dev Neurosci: in press

28.07.14: Weak Power Frequency Magnetic Field Acting Similarly to EGF Stimulation, Induces Acute Activations of the EGFR Sensitive Actin Cytoskeleton Motility in Human Amniotic Cells.
Wu X, Cao MP, Shen YY, Chu KP, Tao WB, Song WT, Liu LP, Wang XH, Zheng YF, Chen SD, Zeng QL, Xia RH (2014), PLoS One 9 (2): e87626

25.07.14: Extremely low-frequency magnetic field exposure, electrical shocks and risk of Parkinson's disease.
van der Mark M, Vermeulen R, Nijssen PC, Mulleners WM, Sas AM, van Laar T, Kromhout H, Huss A (2014), Int Arch Occup Environ Health: in press

24.07.14: Effect of 50 Hz electromagnetic fields on Alpha amylase activity.
Prashanth KS, Chouhan TRS, Nadiger S (2008), Romanian J Biophys 18 (3): 255 - 263

23.07.14: Mobile phone use and brain tumours in the CERENAT case-control study.
Coureau G, Bouvier G, Lebailly P, Fabbro-Peray P, Gruber A, Leffondre K, Guillamo JS, Loiseau H, Mathoulin-Pelissier S, Salamon R, Baldi I (2014), Occup Environ Med 71 (7): 514 - 522

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30.07.14: Systematic Literature Review of Adverse Reproductive Outcomes Associated with Physiotherapists' Occupational Exposures to Non-ionising Radiation.
Shah SG, Farrow A (2014), J Occup Health: in press

30.07.14: Lack of interaction between concurrent caffeine and mobile phone exposure on visual target detection: An ERP study.
Trunk A, Stefanics G, Zentai N, Bacskay I, Felinger A, Thuroczy G, Hernadi I (2014), Pharmacol Biochem Behav: in press

30.07.14: Extremely low frequency electromagnetic field exposure causes cognitive impairment associated with alteration of the glutamate level, MAPK pathway activation and decreased CREB phosphorylation in mice hippocampus: reversal by procyanidins extracted from the lotus seedpod.
Duan Y, Wang Z, Zhang H, He Y, Fan R, Cheng Y, Sun G, Sun X (2014), Food Funct: in press

28.07.14: Effects of microwaves (950 MHz mobile phone) on morphometric and apoptotic changes of rabbit epididymis.
Azadi Oskouyi E, Rajaei F, Safari Variani A, Sarokhani MR, Javadi A (2014), Andrologia: in press

25.07.14: Neuroprotective effects of dietary supplement Kang-fu-ling against high-power microwave through antioxidant action.
Hu S, Peng R, Wang C, Wang S, Gao Y, Dong J, Zhou H, Su Z, Qiao S, Zhang S, Wang L, Wen X (2014), Food Funct: in press

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