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 Information on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields 

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21.08.14: Effect of long-term 50 Hz magnetic field exposure on the micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes of mice.
Alcaraz M, Olmos E, Alcaraz-Saura M, Achel DG, Castillo J (2014), Electromagn Biol Med 33 (1): 51 - 57

20.08.14: Histological, Ultrastructural and Immunohistochemical Studies of the Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Effect on Thymus, Spleen and Liver of Albino Swiss Mice.
Attia AA, Yehia MA (2002), Pak J Biol Sci 5 (9): 931 - 937

19.08.14: Exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields induces fos-related antigen-immunoreactivity via activation of dopaminergic D1 receptor.
Shin EJ, Nguyen XK, Nguyen TT, Pham DT, Kim HC (2011), Exp Neurobiol 20 (3): 130 - 136

18.08.14: Extremely low frequency electromagnetic field exposure causes cognitive impairment associated with alteration of the glutamate level, MAPK pathway activation and decreased CREB phosphorylation in mice hippocampus: reversal by procyanidins extracted from the lotus seedpod.
Duan Y, Wang Z, Zhang H, He Y, Fan R, Cheng Y, Sun G, Sun X (2014), Food Funct: in press

15.08.14: Effects of 60 Hz sinusoidal magnetic field on in vitro establishment, multiplication, and acclimatization phases of Coffea arabica seedlings.
Isaac Aleman E, Oliveira Moreira R, Almeida Lima A, Chaves Silva S, Gonzalez-Olmedo JL, Chalfun-Junior A (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press

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21.08.14: Exposure to static and time-varying magnetic fields from working in the static magnetic stray fields of MRI scanners: a comprehensive survey in the Netherlands.
Schaap K, Christopher-De Vries Y, Crozier S (2014), Ann Occup Hyg: in press

20.08.14: Influence of Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Fields on the Circadian System: Current Stage of Knowledge.
Lewczuk B, Redlarski G, Zak A, Ziolkowska N, Przybylska-Gornowicz B, Krawczuk M (2014), Biomed Res Int 2014: 169459

18.08.14: In situ exposure assessment of intermediate frequency fields of diverse devices.
Van Den Bossche M, Verloock L, Aerts S, Joseph W, Martens L (2014), Radiat Prot Dosimetry: in press

18.08.14: Real-time assessment of possible electromagnetic-field-induced changes in protein conformation and thermal stability.
Beyer C, Christen P, Jelesarov I, Frohlich J (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press

18.08.14: Neuronal Cellular Responses to Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure: Implications Regarding Oxidative Stress and Neurodegeneration.
Reale M, Kamal MA, Patruno A, Costantini E, D'Angelo C, Pesce M, Greig NH (2014), PLoS One 9 (8): e104973

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