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 Information on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields 

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29.10.14: No Evidence of Persisting Unrepaired Nuclear DNA Single Strand Breaks in Distinct Types of Cells in the Brain, Kidney, and Liver of Adult Mice after Continuous Eight-Week 50 Hz Magnetic Field Exposure with Flux Density of 0.1 mT or 1.0 mT.
Korr H, Angstman NB, Born TB, Bosse K, Brauns B, Demmler M, Fueller K, Kantor O, Kever BM, Rahimyar N, Salimi S, Silny J, Schmitz C (2014), PLoS One 9 (10): e109774-1 - e109774-7

29.10.14: Differential Pro-Inflammatory Responses of Astrocytes and Microglia Involve STAT3 Activation in Response to 1800 MHz Radiofrequency Fields.
Lu Y, He M, Zhang Y, Xu S, Zhang L, He Y, Chen C, Liu C, Pi H, Yu Z, Zhou Z (2014), PLoS One 9 (9): e108318

27.10.14: Variable E-cadherin expression in a MNU-induced colon tumor model in rats which exposed with 50 Hz frequency sinusoidal magnetic field.
Tuncel H, Shimamoto F, Cagatay P, Kalkan MT (2002), Tohoku J Exp Med 198 (4): 245 - 249

21.10.14: The biological effect of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and vibrations on barley seed hydration and germination.
Amyan A, Ayrapetyan S (2004), ScientificWorldJournal 4: 55 - 69

20.10.14: Effects of alternating magnetic field on the metabolism of the healthy and diabetic organisms.
Öcal I, Kalkan T, Günay I (2004), Braz. arch. biol. technol. 47 (5): 523 - 530

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28.10.14: Short- and long-term exposure to alternating magnetic field (50 Hz, 0.5 mT) affects rat pituitary ACTH cells: stereological study.
Raus Balind S, Manojlovic-Stojanoski M, Milosevic V, Todorovic D, Nikolic L, Petkovic B (2014), Environ Toxicol: in press

28.10.14: Adaptive response in mice exposed to 900 MHz radiofrequency fields: Bleomycin-induced DNA and oxidative damage/repair.
Zong C, Ji Y, He Q, Zhu S, Qin F, Tong J, Cao Y (2014), Int J Radiat Biol: 1 - 21

27.10.14: Computational dosimetry for child and adult human models due to contact current from 10 Hz to 110 MHz.
Chan KH, Ohta S, Laakso I, Hirata A, Suzuki Y, Kavet R (2014), Radiat Prot Dosimetry: in press

24.10.14: Occupational electromagnetic field exposures associated with sleep quality: a cross-sectional study.
Liu H, Chen G, Pan Y, Chen Z, Jin W, Sun C, Chen C, Dong X, Chen K, Xu Z, Zhang S, Yu Y (2014), PLoS One 9 (10): e110825

23.10.14: Effect of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field and/or GABAB Receptors on Foot Shock-induced Aggression in Rats.
Fard MT, Bahaeddini A, Shomali T, Haghighi SK (2014), Basic Clin Neurosci 5 (2): 169 - 172

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